My name is Billy Flegal and I’ve spent the better half of the last 20 years in and out of colleges, design firms, niche music scenes (don’t ask), corporate offices, and printing companies, all the while compiling information, superior technical abilities, abstract skills, and a somewhat crooked sense of humor.  Most of the time it’s just me, but occasionally I have partners and collaborators.

You’ve got an idea.  Rent my brain.  Tell me the things you want to accomplish.  Your visions.  Your woes.  Even shortfalls.  Seriously, I don’t mind.  I’ll wrap it all up in a nice package you can present to the world, and I’ll do it within your budget (seriously) and in a timely manner (really seriously).

Conservative corporate branding?  Not a problem.  Really creative logos on the cheap?  Yup.  Replicating brand standards across multiple media formats?  Certainly.  Album packaging?  Check.  Somewhat creepy illustrations of hand puppets and sad old men? Yes, even that (again, don’t ask).

So let’s get the discussion started. I’m ready and willing for anything you throw at me (except hard objects).